Why I take these road camping trips

Although my first road camping trip was motivated by my desire to take my dog Sonntag on one last road trip, his favorite treat, over time I realized that there were a lot more reasons or benefits that lured me back onto the road. Here are some of them in no particular order:

  1. Take my dogs for a ride, their favorite treat.
  2. Get out of my comfort (convenience)  zone  (See article).
  3. Get out of the heat of Washington during the summer.
  4. Get back to my roots and passion for camping.
  5. Get out in nature, some of the most beautiful nature on the planet.
  6. Explore new places.
  7. Get away from the dysfunctional  Washington atmosphere that is attempting to destroy this great country.
  8. Deal with the challenges of the road and camping to maintain and  improve my problem-solving skills.
  9. Meet people from outside of my zone.
  10. Meet like-minded people.
  11. Physical conditioning not available anywhere else.
  12. Lose weight.
  13. Adventure.
  14. Learn to live frugally and simply (relatively speaking).
  15. Deal with the unknown.
  16. Push myself beyond my limits.
  17. Bond more closely with my dog(s).
  18. Accumulate lessons to share with others.
  19. Provide myself with memories for later in life.
  20. Appreciate the sheer beauty of our planet up close.
  21. Think, as I cannot do at home.
  22. Write, as I cannot do at home.
  23. Something interesting to look forward to and do with my time.
  24. Challenge myself before, during and after the trips.
  25. Driving, especially on the long empty highways and byways.
  26. The solitude.
  27. It's the tougher thing to do(compared to touring).
  28. It's the closest I get can these days to backpacking.
  29. Cheaper, better, and more interesting than going to some fancy resort.
  30. Reinforce my discipline skills.
  31. Remove myself from the distractions of everyday life in the 21st century, especially the digital world.

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Deb said...

You are a good human Ed! Thanks for sharing your adventures! :-)