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Unknown said...

Hi Ed! It's Nerissa from Tennessee. I finally found a moment to look up your website from the patch you gave me up in Arches. It appears you and Donner made the circuit and back home. Such a lovely meeting with you and the other campers at our fire and wine hangout. Now back in my routine of soccer mom and work. It is so nice to have met you and Donner. I wish you more adventures and creature comforts. Take care of your back! Remember to nurture yourself and do some earthing, rooting in - go barefoot out on some good soil, in a forest or pasture especially when its warm outside again. Give Donner a hug for me and big hugs to you too!!! :)

Unknown said...

Hello Ed and Donner,
It was terrific to meet you and Donner at the Italian restaurant in Georgetown last night. Thank you for your dedication to GSD and for sharing your journey with your amazing dogs. I can't wait to see more of y'alls adventures on this blog. I hope to run into you two if you are ever in Nashville.
Best wishes,
Anna-Davis Keisling & Pippa the GSD, Nashville, TN