Sorry for the delay in posting…

 Although I was planning some kind of a road trip this year,  I had to put it on hold. It seems that if I want to stay on the reservation list for the new Grenadier I hope to buy, I need to travel to Philadelphia sometime after the 28th of September. So,  I decided to take only local trips this year again, that is, within 200 miles. Then, three weeks ago, as I was preparing for my first trip, my eye doctor discovered a slight tear in my left retina and advised that I see a retina specialist, which I did immediately. He then advised that I undergo a laser treatment that seals off the tear in the retina so that it does not spread, or, worse, cause a detached retina. I went through that treatment the next day. As bad luck would have it.  last week, just as I thought I was getting out of the woods with my recovery from that laser treatment, the treatment failed and the retina detached, I had emergency surgery the next day (vitrectomy) and I’m now one week into what will probably be a four week recovery. My hope is that I will get back the eyesight I had before the tear combo although I cannot say that it was good. Unfortunately, during the recovery. I cannot go beyond a 1000 foot change in elevation without serious consequences to the eye. So,  at least for the next several weeks, there will be no road trips for us .  I guess I have to consider myself lucky. If I planned a trip, say, to Alaska, and the retina detached  there,  that would not have been good at all. 

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2023 - On The Roard 23  with Annie  (upcoming)

2022 - On The Road 12 with Donner (Shenandoah Valley etc.)

2021- On The Road 11 with Donner on the Donner Party Trail

 Sonntag's and my 2000 trip was the featured piece in the cover stories of  two National Geographics:  the January 2002 National Geographic ("From Wolf to Woof") and of the 2012 National Geographic special issue on cats and dogs, among other books and publications. After the 2002 issue appeared, the previously-unknown wheel-chair business for dogs exploded world-wide, with the result that many dogs that would have been put down were given new "leashes" on life.

*1998-1999 - "I think my dog is paralyzed." 

Backpacking trips prior to my road trips.

*1997 - Kamchatka!  

*1996 - The Brooks Range: Gates of the Arctic National Park

1995 - Katmai and The Valley of 10,000 Smokes II 

1994 - Katmai and The Valley of 10,000 Smokes II 

1993 - Katmai and The Valley of 10,000 Smokes II

1992 - Alaska!

*Prior to 1992 - How it all all started